Mahadbt Website Not Opening | Mahadbt Website Not Working 100% Solution

Mahadbt Website Not Opening

Mahadbt Website Not Opening? Trying to open mahadbt scholarship portal and showing this (Mentioned in Image) error. Don’t worry today in this post we are going to solve this issue.

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Important : MahaDBT Find All Eligible Schemes

Mahadbt is the direct benefit transefer portal by government of Maharashtra. Through Mahadbt Maharashtra government distributes all the schemes to Students. MahaDBT is not only limited to up to students it is also used to distribute various scheme funds to farmers.

Why Mahadbt Website Not Opening/Working

As we all now that mahadbt is the only portal used by government of Maharashtra to distribute students scholarships as well as Farmer schemes. As many students and farmers visits mahadbt website simultaneously hence the website goes down results in not opening mahadbt website.

Due to lot of load on server mahadbt website may not work properly. Also due to SSL certificates issues mahadbt site may not open directly.

So mainly there are two errors which can cause improper working of mahadbt website. To overcome any of these two errors we have given detailed stepwise solution so that anyone can easily access mahadbt website.

Error 1 : Your Connection Is Not Private

Error 1 : Your Connection Is Not Private

We know that many of us may faced this error at least once while opening mahadbt website. Mainly this error occurs due to invalid SSL certificate present on MahaDBT server. Dont worry you may have confused with what is SSL It is nothing but https (security layer on http).

Instead of thinking too much just follow the given steps to solve this issue.

Step 1

Once you visit mahadbt home you see error as ” Your Connection Is Not Private ” .

Now click on Advanced button as shown in above image.

Step 2

Now you can clearly see the error description, ignore this message.

Click on Proceed to (unsafe) button.

Thats it you are now ready login, register on mahadbt portal.

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Error 2 : This site can’t be reached

This error mainly occurs due to load on server i.e. when many visitors visits mahadbt website simultaneously the website goes down and shows this error.

The simple solution for this error is to wait until the website comes online back.

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  1. Your solution is not correct . This is insecure solution . You need to apply SSL certificate . This may hack our system .

    unsafe word is written on the link . You should check with IT team for renewal of certificate ..

    • I cant do anything as “” is government website. And I am not related to any government body. I have created “” only for helping students and it is not related to official government website “” in any manner.


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